Since 2004, Intellectual Property lawyers have been focusing on providing legal support to innovative and creative companies.

We have particular knowledge and experience in supporting entrepreneurs in fashion, lifestyle, media & entertainment, toys, robotics and sport.

For over 15 years, Helen Maatjes and Diederik Donk have successfully built up Intellectual Property lawyers. Helen has specialist knowledge of the following sectors:

  • Fashion
  • FMCG and retail (webshops)
  • Media and entertainment, and
  • Toys

For years, Diederik has studied the following sectors in depth:

  • Food & Health
  • Unlawful (press) publications
  • Music
  • Robotics, and
  • Sports

The Intellectual Property lawyers team is famous for the rulings regarding “Draadstaal typetjes” (copyright), “Fatboy” (copyright), “Fysiosupplies” (trade name law), “Tempur” (trademark law) and “Heksenkaas” (copyright).


Intellectual Property Lawyers is part of The Legal Group (TLG). Besides intellectual property law, TLG also helps entrepreneurs with labour law, corporate law and real estate law.